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Heya! Key here. I tend to call my blog a multi-fandom blog, but it's mostly a shameless collection of Hobbit, Richard Armitage, and Martin Freeman. With a healthy dose of crazy, 'cause that's how we roll in the the Lonely Mountain.

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Thorin and Bard, detail.
I’m bored…


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Bilbo on what-appears-to-be-Total-Film-December-2014. (source)


A sneak peek at a deleted scene from The Hobbit: The Desolation of Smaug

Hobbit spoilers

Lots of Desolation of Smaug EE and behind the scenes stuff coming down the pike today, and Australia has the digital download as of tomrorow so there will be LOTS more. I’ll be reblogging some of it (I’m trying not to see *too* much before the blu-ray release here in two weeks, if possible). If you’d rather not see any of it, just blacklist #hobbit spoilers. Thanks!


new sneak peeks of dos appendices!!! (x)

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Walking Sherlock


Prints on my Society6 account! C:

MAX 60 Seconds with Martin Freeman (The Hobbit) [x] Featuring Richard Armitage

The “lost gifs” that I never posted before. Enjoy. 

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Break Time!


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I have no idea


I love when Guy’s a little rough (but it’s a good thing he’s fictional, because I hate it irl)

Robin Hood, 206



“Come, Gimli!” said Legolas. “Now by Fangorn’s leave I will visit the deep places of the Entwood and see such trees as are nowhere else to be found in Middle-earth. You shall come with me and keep your word; and thus we will journey on together to our own lands in Mirkwood and beyond.” To this Gimli agreed, though with no great delight, it seemed.