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Heya! Key here. This is a multi-fandom blog, though expect to see reams of Tolkien, Richard Armitage and Martin Freeman. And plenty of miscellaneous crazy, 'cause that's how we roll in the the Lonely Mountain.

This blog makes nsfw posts
(which is more of an enticement than a warning, really)

I would have followed you to the very end…

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You are…Home, where I wanted to go

Happy Saturday aww yeahh. There’s a festival in town, but I’m a grumpy local who would rather stay home away from these troublesome visitors. 


This was suppose to be cute and that arkenstone came out of nowhere, I swear because this was inspired by today’s release of the new production video where it showed Bilbo wearing the mithril shirt no I can’t do this at all

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hornofgondor’s endless list of cuties: 2/[?]:

-Richard Armitage

An Edit a DayBenedict Cumberbatch ⚜ [328/?]
LotR Quotes - 4/??

’If I understand aright all that I have heard,’ he said, ‘ I think that this task is appointed for you, Frodo; and that if you do not find a way, no one will.’



Marvel has not set a title for the third Captain America film.

Why am I mentioning this? Because I’m seeing a lot of people on my dash losing their ever-loving minds over this post.

And totally ignoring the caption the talented artist put on the post:


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Mutual comfort.


Thorin Emptystomach


Thorin & Bard


Thorin and the boys


omg that sheath

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Proctor by nuriwan

(Hopefully I’ll finish the third one tomorrow :___D)