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Walking Sherlock


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“Fuck the police. John Watson is my bodyguard.”

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Happy Halloween 1/?


Finally getting around to post this. I’m sorry it’s so late in the day. Hopefully not too late for international followers.

By request of friends on Twitter, I made the Sherlock pattern an easy one. Lots of straight lines here. (I’ll be posting a Bilbo with Sting pattern later today that is more advanced.) 


Click on the pattern image above for the full size file. Print.

Carve a lid and gut your pumpkin. Save those seeds for baked pumpkin seeds. Yum!

For this pattern, you’ll be cutting out and removing all the black pieces.

The key to detailed carving, especially with faces, is to carve the “dangling” pieces first, while they’re still in tact with the rest of the pumpkin. In this case, that’s Sherlock’s eye, which is hanging on there by his eyebrow and a lock of hair. Carve the underside of the eye first -the more detailed piece- and then the top of the eyebrow. The hole that represents light reflecting off the pupil is what really gives a sense of realism to portrait carvings, imo. Do that next. My favorite method is a thin knitting needle. 

Next carve the opening that represents the philtrum (the divet above the upper lip), then the mouth, and finally the jutting piece that delineates the chin.

Carve the face, then the hair on both sides.

Carve the open spaces to the left and right of Sherlock’s head. If straight lines aren’t your thing, get crazy and do zig-zags, curvy lines, etc.

There you have it, your own beautiful Sherlock pumpkin! 


If at all possible, use transfer paper to put the pattern to the pumpkin. I realize those Pumpkin Masters kits recommend punching tiny holes, but it all just looks like a mess to me when it’s time to carve. Nothing beats putting the actual picture on the pumpkin. I recommend the blue transfer paper because it stands out very well against the orange of the pumpkin.

Go slow. I know. It sucks.

Don’t try to make long, sweeping cuts. Go for short movements with the blade. You can always go back and clean up bumps and imperfections caused by short cuts, but a big sweeping cut that goes wrong can be really tough to fix.

Carve a chimney into your pumpkin lid to allow smoke from the candle to escape. This will prevent all those black scorch marks around your pumpkin.

After you’re done carving, use a Q-tip to smear KY or Vaseline on the open areas to prevent oxygen from drying them out.


Using a paper towel, wipe the orange bits of your pumpkin with cooking oil. This will bring out the orange of your pumpkin, and make it shiny and gorgeous even during the day when it’s not lit.

Most importantly, don’t stress over the details! You can see my finished pumpkin has plenty of imperfections compared to the pattern. In the words of a wise Army doctor: It’s all good.

Feel free to hit my Ask with questions, something I’ve missed, etc. 


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- Sherlock, I’m home- 

- Hello, John.
- Hello, Watson.
- You’re late, dear Watson.

My friends saw the gif and asked me to make three frustrated Watsons. So here it is.


Then do these make three poor Johns and three happy Sherlocks


You love it. Being Sherlock Holmes.

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S: Anything interesting in the newspapers yet, John? I’m bored..
J: …*sighs* no, Sherlock. You know, there hasn’t always to be a case or murder to keep you entertained!
S: But John.. there hasn’t been an interesting client for an eternity! The last e-mails have just been tiresome attempts of some people to get my attention - dull.
J: *mumbles* well, at least you don’t get those odd e-mails..

My next project/ AU series (click for full view)


Smooch  <3




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 he does that when he wants to beat people up

That really shouldn’t be so fucking hot. But it is.